Regain your self-worth and purpose
Attain confidence and clarity
Heal from the ongoing pain of past trauma
Create lasting change

Are you ready to stop the old repeating patterns for good? In Just WEEKS you can:


Welcome, I'm Ketra.

Together we can untangle the fear and confusion that is often felt when you just can’t seem to get past your unwanted behaviors or feelings.

No one ever wants to talk about what it’s really like being stuck in life. The confusion, the stress, the constant feelings of failure and worst of all, the feeling that nobody would understand if you told them.

I truly understand and I have crafted the very best and most effective path to you creating lasting change in your life without spending years in therapy.

I want all my clients to make life decisions from a place of peace and strength instead of pain and confusion. Your life will finally stop being controlled by false core beliefs. Instead you will be in tune with your own self-worth after releasing the grip of old faulty programming.

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Common Reasons That People Stay Stuck:

You have lost your sense of self

Guilt over what you should have done differently in the past

Every past attempt to create lasting change has failed

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So What's The Solution?
With Customized Hypnosis You Can:

Complimentary Consultation Call

Expand your Possibilities

Clarify Your Core Beliefs

Design Your Life

Take Charge

Crush your self-limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in place spinning your wheels

Get clear about what is actually going on in your mind, where your beliefs came from and why you have more power than you know.

Get personalized hypnosis to assemble your dream life from a place of true confidence and self-worth

Boldly get the changes you want in your life and relationships. Create breakthroughs beyond your wildest dreams by embarking on your own life plan.


My hope with each client is to create a sacred space for partnership between us.

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