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Hypnosis can create big changes in your life and works when everything else has failed. Hypnosis is a focused state of awareness and is always a willing state of mind. It allows you to choose what your subconscious mind thinks while resolving old thought patterns that currently control you. This allows you to take control in your life without spending years rehashing the same old things

Internal Triggers / Reactivity
Stress & Anxiety
Self Worth / Life Empowerment 
Identifying & Stopping Destructive Patterns
Anger Management 
Healing from Past Experiences / Trauma 
Weight management Issues 

Hypnosis that I offer is often used for:

I will customize your sessions to create rapid healing and change.


Pricing is similar to the cost per session for experienced talk therapy. But instead of spending 2 years in weekly talk therapy you will be experiencing relief after your first hypnosis session and will have created permanent change after just a few weeks. 

The number of sessions needed are dependent upon the needs being addressed and will be determined during the consultation.

Coming Soon In 2022

The Madness Stops Now

In addition to hypnosis sessions I will be offering an integrative 8 week program in 2022 that will give you all the support and structure needed to completely change your life in every way!

This includes unlimited access to the 8 week online program, video teachings, meditations, hypnotherapy and 24/7 support and feedback, one-on-one Coaching throughout the entire process (via zoom), one-on-one Hypnotherapy sessions (via zoom), Group coaching calls (when available), and online community support.

It’s time to go from #MeToo to #HealedAndWhole. This is the year that everything explodes into freedom, joy and abundance. It doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn't have to be a struggle.


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